Publication & Subscription

Summary of manuscripts for publication

 Articles/Critical Essays

Manuscripts are must represent the original work. Under this category, the articles/papers should clearly describe new and carefully confirmed results and experimental and methodological procedure, which should be given in required details for others to verify the work. The length of the paper should be the minimum required to describe and interpret the work. For proper referring and fast publication, the manuscript should be grammatically correct.

 Review Process

Article submissions received will first be screened by the editor-in-Chief and Editor to ensure thematic adequacy, sufficient quality and style of the publication. All manuscripts will be subject to a well-established, fair, unbiased peer review and referring procedure, and are considered based on their significance and usefulness to the journal’s readership. If a manuscript is considered appropriate for review, it will be sent out to a minimum of two reviewers. The review process is mutually anonymous — reviewers are not disclosed to authors, and authors are not disclosed to the reviewers. The review output will be one of the decisions: Accept, Accept with minor changes, Accept with major changes, and Reject

Usually, authors will receive the editorial decision within a month. The editors reserve the right to reject a paper if it does not meet the aims and scope of the journal, are not technically sound and focused, it is not revised satisfactorily, or if it is inadequate in presentation.

Article / Paper Style

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature and Theoretical Framework
  • Methodology
  • Findings and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

 Checklist for the Authors

  • Correct and consistent documentation (conforming to APA documentation style)
  • Adherence to style guidelines
  • Correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar
  • Cover page information complete
  • Formatted according to guidelines
  • Soft copy (e-mailed Word doc) supplied


Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published before (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture, or thesis); that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; and that if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors agree to automatic transfer of the copyright to the publisher.


The subscription fee for both national and international per issue subscription is:

National:          Rs400/-

International:    $40 (Including post fee)


Editorial Correspondence
All correspondence, including submission of manuscripts, should be addressed to:
The Editor,
Name:             Global Media and Social Sciences Research Journal
E-mail:    or


Rights & Permissions

Authors must follow the instructions 

  1. Authors must declare that the work reported is their own and that they are the copyright owner. If required, the authors have to obtain the copyright owner’s permission for their work.
  2. Authors must declare that the submitted work, and it is essential-have not previously been published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  3. Only unpublished manuscripts should be submitted.
  4. Authors should submit the copyright declaration loaded in the journal website.
  5. Author(s) must avoid disputes over attribution of academic credit.
  6. All authors must take responsibility for the content of their paper. Disclosure of individual contributions is appreciated.
  7. Author(s) must acknowledge the sources of data used in the development of the manuscript.
  8. Author(s) should include information about the research funding in the paper they prepare for publication.
  9. Authors should inform the Editor of the journal if they discover errors in the published work.
  10. Authors have a right to appeal editorial decisions regarding the publication of their papers.