Publication Fee

Publication Fee

Author(s) whose manuscript(s) are accepted for publication in Global Media and Social Sciences Research Journal (GMSSRJ) are required to pay article publication fee. Journal Charge publication fee due to various cost involved, i.e Paper Review Cost, Paper Indexing Cost, Paper Editing & English Proofreading Cost,  and Online article maintenance cost. GMSSRJ charge publication fee:

Nation:                   Rs. 25000

International:       170 USD $

The Publication Fee Transfer Details can be asked through email at   and 

Journal only charge fee for accepted papers after blind review process. Before review reports and acceptance, no payments are acceptable. Kindly note that ability to pay the publication fee does not necessarily guarantee that the paper will be accepted for publication in GMSSRJ because we, at GMSSRJ, believe that quality comes first. 

You should contact the editor of the journal when your article is accepted for publication in the journal and in return, he will send you the payment details. Preferred mode of Payment is to pay via Western Union or through bank. 

GMSSRJ Publication Charges Modes:

GMSSRJ Publication Charges are levied in two layers/spectrum i.e.

A): Article Processing Charges (Pre-Acceptance)-APC-I

B): Article Publishing Charges (Post-Acceptance)-APC-II


Article Submission:
Article submission is totally free. Once the article has been submitted, the author will be awarded with acknowledgment letter-a receipt of receiving the article. Then the article will go through the Pre-Editorial review that is totally free of cost. Pre-Editorial review meant to check up and scrutinize the submitted article on the very basic criteria of GMSSRJ Publishing Policy, it includes:

(a)  Scope

(b)  Non-Repository Turnitin Originality (10 % or below than 10)

(c)  Basic Format (Authors' Strength and Citation Style etc.)

(d)  Abstract and Key Words

A): Article Processing Charges (Pre-Acceptance)-APC-I:

It constitutes about 45% of the whole process' charges. For permanent, instant, all-inclusive and worldwide access to the full article text the Publication Charges covers:

(a)  Editorial Work: Administrative support, commissioning content, editorial layout, journal development, and correspondence with the authors, reviewers and referees.

(b)  Review and Evaluation: Editorial review, double-blind peer review, final evaluation (02 international and 01 national referee)

(c)  Technical Infrastructure and Innovation: Development, maintenance and operation of online journal system and websites and coordination among the editorial board.

(d)  Production of Articles: Formatting and mark-up of articles.

Note: Article Processing Charges (Pre-Acceptance) - APC-1 does not depict the acceptance of the article for publication by any means.


B): Article Publishing Charges (Post-Acceptance)-APC

It constitutes about 55% of the whole process' charges. This Publication Charges covers

(a)       Marketing of Journal and Content: Making sure readers and authors know about the work published in the title

(b)       Promotion on Various Mediums: Content advertising via various world recognized research forums and groups, data bases, research soft wares and social media

(c)       Customer Service: Responding to authors and readers

(d)       Circulation: Published contents circulation in the relevant circles for enhancing citations

(e)       Production of Articles: Inclusion in abstracting, indexing, aggregating, linking, uploading in world class reputable research databases, directories and bibliographies.



Total Publication Fee for an article is PKR 25,000