COVID 19: The Rise of China and Shift in Global Power Structure Perception or Reality


  • Ateeq Ahmad University of Swat
  • Najib Ullah
  • Ilyas Ahmad


International Politics, Global Power Structure, China and USA new Cold war


The “Rise of China” became one of the core debating issues in international politics. Many expert opinions tend to argue that the power is in a shift from “west’’ to ‘’east’’ under China as a great power. While hegemony of U.S.A is already challenged by China, whose status grew in present century dramatically and took important positions on the global stages as a world leader, exploiting the crisis of COVID-19 as it did during and after the 2008 financial crisis. The current scenarios and “decisive” policies of China suggest that it has placed herself as a world leader. Since 1990 the USA has enjoyed the monopoly being as a sole policeman in global politics. But during the last decade, the influence of the USA has decreased. China on the other hand not only has acquired most of the potentials of hard power but in soft power also. The continuous global outreach under President Xi in the last decade seemed to have confirmed the rising trend of China as potential global power. The global standing of China under Xi and American weakening position under Trump have been analyzed in this article. Though much of the scholars agreed on the rise of China but this research argues whether mere a few indicators confirmed the rise of China as next superpower or not. The main focus of the study is either the rise of China as a global power to replace the US is mere a perception or a reality by analyzing the debate about the rise of China.




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