The Gender, Class and Racial Discrimination in Alabama: a cultural approach to CDA

Critical Discourse Analysis


  • Sidra Akbar The university of lahore
  • Daniyal Hassan


CDA, • Racial prejudice, • Sexism, • Class Distinction, • Cultural Codes/ Cargo, • Cultural Approach to CDA (CCDA)


This research work is somber attempt to reveals how culture and its manifestations construct, maintain and exercise social evils in a particular society. The researchers has tried to dig into the culture of Maycomb County, a town of Alabama and see how cultural discursive practices gave birth to power relation in that society. It also aims to analyze how the author has propagate to reveal the hidden agenda of Maycomb society that cause to diverse the society into parts and gave birth to social evils like class, gender and racial discrimination among the folks of the society. The researcher has selected 15 passages from both fiction of Harper Lee ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘Go Set a Watchman’ that revolves around the character of Jean Louise known as Scout who describe the society with a feminist perspective.  With the help of Cultural approach to CDA (CCDA), a practical tool, the researcher has focused on discursive strategies of the society and decode the cultural codes activated by these discursive strategies. As CCDA concentrate on figurative language like metaphors, simile and metaphorical references used in the text and see how they disclose hidden ideology that contributes in the reproduction of abuses of power in texts or discourse. The present work also focused on the linguistic/ lexical choice of the writer that why and how she used particular lexis to disseminate the desire world-view in the minds of the readers.




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