Role of Women Parliamentarians in the Regional Development of District Sialkot (2000 to 2008)


  • Sania Affan GC Women University, Sialkot
  • Farzana Zaheer Syed GC women university Sialkot


Women, Gender equality, Women rights, Political participation. Women and development, Gender and sustainable development, Democratic theory


Despite enormous marches by the international women’s rights associations over several years, women in world are still deprived one. They have less or no to right to education and political participation.In Pakistan, the society and political culture less welcome women participation in politics. The study aims to highlight the significant role of women parliamentarians in the politics and development of their constituency. It is found out that women in practical politics are not unproductive but they are serving their people actively with some barriers in the service delivery. The existing research focused on the role of women parliamentarians in the regional development of district area Sialkot during the period of General Musharraf from 2002-2008, the budget recommendations and the development projects proposed by the women parliamentarian from Sialkot. It is also found out that women member of National Assembly (MNA) of Sialkot has played a vital role in the development of the city and major development projects launched and completed. On the basis of findings, it is recommended that women are active politicians and they must be given more chances to serve the nations.


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Sania Affan, GC Women University, Sialkot

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