The Educational System of Pakistan and National Integration: Critical Analysis


  • Imtiaz Ali University of Peshawar
  • Khan Faqir University
  • Shehla Javed University of Peshawar.


Pakistan, Educational System, National Integration, Unity, stratification, Integration, Nation, Class system


Pakistan has multi-aspect diversity. It is politically, religiously, ethnically, culturally and geographically a very diverse country. However, it is still based on one political entity. But with passage of time, different movements of provincialism, ethnic identity and regionalism have always emerged in the country. In this regard, national integration is indispensable for a country having multiple ethnicity and cultural diversity. Education is the most appropriate source and mechanism for the unification of a diverse nation. However, Pakistan educational system has many flaws to get national unification. The purpose of this research paper is to critically evaluate whether the educational system of Pakistan is an instrument of national integration or a scheme of socio-economic cum ideological stratification and national disintegration.

Author Biographies

Imtiaz Ali, University of Peshawar

PhD Scholar in Pakistan Study Center University of Peshawar 

Shehla Javed, University of Peshawar.

Lecturer in Home Economic College, University of Peshawar.




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